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From 1970s, members of Yuzuki team started their careers from basic positions in restaurants located in Tokyo, Osaka and Ehime.  After moving to Canada in early 90s, they were offered head chef positions in well-known restaurants in Toronto for decades.

​With forty years of experience working in Japanese cuisine industry, our chef team demonstrated their talent, passion and craftsman spirit. Yuzuki is so grateful for having our amazing staff bring our customers the most authentic and attentive dinning experience.

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In Yuzuki, we only use TAMAKI rice.

Tamaki Gold Rice has received an award at the International Japanese Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation for SEVEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS.

Tamaki Gold is known throughout the world as the signature of quality. Only the finest Koshihikari (越光米) paddy which is produced in the Sacramento Valley near the base of the Sutter Buttes is selected. The combination of cultural practices, the soil characteristics, climate, and the pure crystal clear water that flows out of the Sierra Mountains, produces the perfect Koshihikari kernel.


Our catering service is fully operated by our experienced chef and management team. We accommodate all types of diets and we can create a menu tailored to your needs.  

Please reach out to us  in advance by email and we will be happy to help. 

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